The chocolate
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The chocolate

In this document you can discover the plantation and the manufacturing of the chocolate


The chocolate making

   1. Natural origins of cocoa
The cacao-tree pushes naturally at the edge of a river or of a
river and under the shaded protection of large trees parasols. In free vegetation, the cacao-tree reaches a height from 13 to 15 meters. I1 however is cut (8 m maximum) in the plantations. Like the other tropical fruit trees, it offers the characteristic to carry sheets simultaneously, floral buttons, flowers and fruits.


The cacao-tree

 dent Them


the cocoa broad beans

Flowering being practically uninterrupted, one can count of 50 000 to 100 000 flowers per annum on an adult plant. True prodigality of nature for a poor result because the sterility of the flowers is very large.
Result: only 20 to 30 fruits on average develop!
The three principal zones of culture are: the Central America and South America, the Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia. It is of Central America and the South that come the noble broad beans from cocoa. The cacao-tree is a fragile tree. It claims a very hot and very wet climate. Its surface of culture extends in the Tropics, of 15 of Northern latitude to 15 of Southern latitude. It is what one calls "the belt of the cocoa".
2. Stages of transformation

1 - In the producer country

The majority of the producer countries carry out two harvests
per annum: November-January (principal harvest) and May-July (secondary harvest). The fruit is ripe four to nine months after the fecundation of the
flower. The gathering must be carried out with precaution because it is necessary to take care not to wound the delicate tree and not to damage the flowers and fruits in growth.
The ecabossage
The fruit is split into two in its length with a machete, then emptied of all its contents: broad beans and pulp. The operation requires much precision because should not be damaged the subjacent broad beans. This stage, the broad beans do not have any cocoa odor yet.

The broad beans are placed in vats and are covered with sheets
of banana tree. The temperature varies 45C with 50C. One lets them rest approximately a week. Fermentation is a determining phase. It disencumbers broad beans of their pulp, reduced the bitter taste and develops the precursors of flavor.



This stage, they contain 60% more of moisture which it is necessary to reduce to
7% to ensure an optimal conservation and a transport. The broad beans are then dried with the sun or in rotary driers while
being stirred up from time to time. They are then sorted according to quality and bagging for forwarding.
The broad beans are then dispatched towards the importing
2 - In the importing country

The manufacture of the chocolate: synthesis



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