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Emilio shop is a family business founded in 1979 with the name of est. Emile Elias for commercial it's location was and still on the main street in hadath Lebanon
p.o.box : 35-142
tell : 9615460158
cell : 9613348918
inter fax :

at the year 1983 the name was changed to est. EMILIO for commercial and a logo was created

but in 1998 the logo was changed to a new one


the founder and the owner of this family business is Emile Elias and the person who's running this establishment at this time is his son Mansour Elias

as we try to change the logo to a better shape we always try to change our  work for the best so don't hesitate to come and try the delicious taste of our home made chocolates


EMILIO Hadath main street  P.O.box 35/142    Beirut LEBANON  
tel:9615460158    cell:9613348918      international fax:14436382444